Cut. Bend.
Weld. Repeat.

Larry and Linda Edie founded Kemlee Manufacturing Inc. in 1977. Built on the principles of quality, reputation, efficiency, integrity and service, these values still guide our family-owned business today.



Whether you’re a food service dealer, designer or consultant, we can’t wait to get to know you! From a huge casino table to a small, simple work surface, send us your projects small or large.


The custom Laser Cutting and Specialty Services Department offers a total of four lasers: (1) Fiber Optic laser and (3) 4000 watt lasers including one with a Rotary Index to laser cut your items from Tubing, Angles, Formed channels etc., we can provide accurate, repeatable parts.  For rust removal to clean parts prior to powder coating and other applications we have two 48″ bed Shot Blasters.


Kemlee frequently works with general contractors, home designers and private individuals to create anything from custom kitchen counters to an outdoor pool bar. No matter what your dream home includes, Kemlee can make it a reality.

Our Promise

Not All Metal Is Created Equally 

“We have done business with Kemlee for many years, and have always been happy with the quality, service, and lead times. They are a great company to work with!”

Veterinary Equipment Dealer


"Rick Roberts and Kemlee Manufacturing were recommended to me by an industry colleague nearly ten years ago. Trusting that opinion, I specified Kemlee’s stainless steel fabricated equipment in that first middle school kitchen—and have specified Kemlee ever since. As a foodservice consultant specializing in commercial kitchen design, I have specified Kemlee’s custom fabricated stainless steel equipment in restaurants, elementary, middle, and high schools, daycare facilities, community college projects, state university projects, and even an animal control center. On each and every project the quality of Kemlee’s workmanship has been superb, the pricing has been extremely competitive, and above all their customer service is second to none. I personally look forward to working with Rick and his experienced and professional crew for years to come."

M.B., Food Service Consultant

"I have been using Kemlee for my fabrication for over 15 years and they are my go to fabricator. They are accommodating to your needs from start to finish on a project. The quotations come back fast, the drawings are easy to use in the field and the end product is always quality. If there is a problem they are there to assist in the fix. Occasionally I will have to use another fabricator and they won’t measure up and I am always glad to get back to work with Kemlee!"

J.J., Restaurant Equipment Dealer

"To say that Kemlee Mfg. and Danny Henderson work wonders is an understatement. I am a very busy purchasing agent/office manager so my schedule tends to get a little crazy at times. I can always count on Danny to help me out when I get in a bind on deadlines. They do quality work for a very reasonable price and in a timely manner. I have come to depend on them because they always do such an amazing job. I recommend them to other companies, because I know they will do a quality job for them. Danny and his staff have my upmost admiration!!!"

C.H., Machine Shop

"Kemlee Manufacturing is a true partner of ours for over 20 plus years of doing business together. From the smallest of items to the largest of projects, together our teams have delivered the highest quality and most innovative designs possible to continually exceed our customers' expectations. The staff at Kemlee continues to assist us with offering the most cost effective products in the custom metal fabrication industry without giving up integrity or life cycle of equipment. We challenge them daily with new opportunities and they never cease to amaze us. Thanks to all within the Kemlee organization, we value your partnership!"

T.T., Restaurant Equipment Dealer

"I have worked with Kemlee for several years. I handle some chain accounts and I work very closely with Brian and he is top notch. I can send him drawings and get pricing back either the same day or the next day. When the product is delivered to my customer, I don't have to worry if its correct or is what the customer ordered. If there are issues (which is a rarity) they are very good about coming up with a quick solution. I can call Brian and tell him what a customer wants and they will design it for the customer. They are very dependable and the workmanship is top notch. Their whole team is great to work with. I look forward to continuing the relationship we have established!"

B.P., Restaurant Equipment Dealer

"We have had a long working relationship with Kemlee over the years we have successfully partnered on many projects as well as individual pieces. We have found the personnel at Kemlee as professional and courteous and will go out of their way to accommodate us when extenuating circumstances occur. They always go the extra mile to make sure projects are done in a timely fashion. We will continue to use Kemlee for our stainless steel needs."

T.H., Restaurant Equipment Dealer

"Our company has been a customer of Kemlee for over 30 years. There are many choices in this industry today. We have tried a few others but always come back to Kemlee. The customer service staff and quoting department is always prompt with reutrning my calls and the quality and workman ship is second to none. If you ever get a chance to tour their plant please do so. I have and its nice to see how our SS fab is proceeded."

L.W., Restaurant Equipment Dealer

"I have worked with Kemlee for the past 17 years and I can honestly say that there is NOT a better company to work with in my industry! In the crazy lab design world I work in, we often give them very little time to organize a quote, but yet they always seem to pull through for us. Their customer service is top notch, and the product they sent out is always TOP shelf. I would recommend using Kemlee on anay of our stainless steel projects. Truly, a great company with a great staff! Kudos to you Kemlee, on a job well done!"

B.S., Laboratory Equipment Dealer

"Kemlee Mfg. has always been a good vendor for us. Someone we can rely on to get the job done on time with good quality and packaged properly. If a job gets moved up on us and we need to adjust our schedule to meet demand we know Kemlee will do their part to fulfill the new expectation."

S.C., Metal Supplier

"When we need parts cut out with precision, Kemlee Mfg. is the only place we go. If you haven't seen parts cut from one of their lasers you need to check them out, they are exceptional. Danny and the entire staff at Kemlee do an excellent job and we know we can trust them to get us our parts when we need them. Thank you Kemlee for all the quality work you do for us."

C.D., Equipment Dealer

"We've been working with Kemlee for over 2 years now. They are great group of people to work with and their lead time is the shortest around. Their pricing is competitive, but best of all is their service. They have cut parts for us same day as the order when we were in a bind and needed them "now". We use them for flat laser, tube laser and have quit doing our own brake work and given it to them. They are a key to our success and we look forward to continuing working with them for our laser needs."

J.H., Commercial Bagging Equipment

"Great Service. Need to pick up parts at 5 a.m. or 8 p.m., no problem. Your drawing is on a napkin, no problem. Need it fast, no problem. They make you feel like you are their only customer. If you are not using Kemlee, you should be."

M.P., Farm Equipment Dealer

"Kemlee has been a reliable and consistent manufacture for our production line for over 5 years. They always stand behind their work and provide an excellent job from start to finish. I would recommend anyone looking for a fabrication shop to give Kemlee a call."

C.Z., Gaming Industry

"We have done business with Kemlee for many years, and have always been happy with the quality, service, and lead times. They are a great company to work with."

M.F., Veterinary Equipment Dealer